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A systematic and personalized approach to helping students and parents find the best-matched colleges and universities.

"High school is challenging enough. Researching colleges, meeting all of the academic criteria, and submitting a competitive application on-time often leaves both parents and students equally frustrated. It doesn't need to be that way! Since 2009 I have helped hundreds of students gain admission to the colleges of their dreams. Every student is unique and at College Placement Advising my associates and I use a proprietary personalized approach to match a students background and ambitions to the best suited colleges and universities for that individual. "
-Michelle Myers
 Founder, College Placement Advising

  Phillip M. - USC 

 I was accepted to a number of schools but with College Placement's guidance I received a Presidential Scholarship at USC which covers the entire tuition!  ”

  Anna E. - Univ. of Oregon 

 My parents and I were so focused on the UC's until Michelle's assessment revealed Oregon was a much better fit and had exactly the major I wanted. I can't imagine being anywhere else!

  Peter V. - NYU 

My high-school advisers felt my 3.5 GPA was 'not competitive' for many schools. Michelle helped focus the application on my strengths and volunteer work. I was accepted by my first choice!

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