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College Placement Advising offers comprehensive professional guidance through every step of the college preparation and application process. We believe each student requires a unique  approach that considers the rigor of a student’s academic schedule in high-school; establishing the level of involvement and interest for participating in community service and team sports; developing a curated college list; and guiding the student through the mechanics of the application process.  


Services include:

  • Review/discussion of student transcripts to date

  • Discussion of student’s interests/goals/extracurricular activities/community service

  • Course planning for the coming years

  • Discussion of standardized test options, testing calendar and prep courses, including AP exams, SAT IIs, etc

  • Discussion of teacher recommendation letters for private colleges and special programs for public universities

  • Discussion of student’s college search

  • Develop criteria for college list

  • Discussion of career interests and possible majors to fit goals

  • Discussion of application procedures and organizational tools for fall application period, i.e. “The College Box Session”

  • Brainstorming college essay ideas, summer deadlines to complete draft of UC personal statement, Common Application essay, and/or private college essay(s)

  • Personalized Fall Application Timeline developed for student

  • Write up from meetings with details of colleges, answers to questions, and action plan

  • Complete UC Application/Common Application/Individual Application one-on-one, except for Personal Statement (essay), which will begin the summer before Senior year and will be revised 2-3 times

  • Assessment of your particular high school’s resources and how best to make use of them

College Planning and Application Package
For entering High School Juniors and Seniors


We begin advising students and parents in January of their sophomore year or anytime thereafter. The package rate includes approximately seven (7) sessions scheduled as follows:



  • Evaluation second semester of sophomore year or anytime junior year

  • 1.5 hour student parent meeting followed up with session notes


  • Interest Assessment with Myers-Briggs, True Colors, Major Finder, and College Card Sort

  • 1.5 hours student only meeting followed up with a customized college list

SESSION #3 – Junior Check In

  • 1 hour student meeting, parents may attend

SESSION #4 – Essay Development

  • 2 hour student only meeting followed up with essay topic notes

SESSION #5 –College Box (reviewing the mechanics of applying)

  • 2 hour student parent meeting, followed up with Action Plan, and application details and custom timeline

SESSION #6 – College Application

  • 2+ hour student only meeting to almost complete top application

SESSION #7 – Follow-Up Application review

  • 1 hour student only meeting to review any application questions

The schedule and additional meetings can be modified as necessary to meet the individual student or parents’ needs.

Hourly Consultation

High School Freshmen and Sophomores only
We also offer hourly planning meetings on an hourly basis with freshmen and first-semester sophomore students to discuss high school academic scheduling, extra curricular activities, and summer plans. 

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